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wood pellets

Wood pellets

pellets for heating

Wood pellets have been a popular source of cost saving, efficient and earth-friendly fuel for heating especially in Germany, Austria, Italy, Scandinavia and many other countries for a long time. They have recently become popular and demanded on the Czech market as well. There are many reasons for the use of wood pellets as a heating fuel.

Wood pellets have maintained their stable favorable price for many years, while the price of electricity, gas or coal has been continuously increasing. Not only they are a reliable and cheap fuel for heating, they also provide environmentally friendly emission - free source of heating fuel. They are made of wood sawdust which comes from industrial timber production. Wood used for production of pellets is a renewable source of energy itself and therefore a sustainable source of ecological fuel for heating. Providing the pellets are free of any impurities or adhesives the combustion process is clean and generates almost zero amount of CO2. The neutral CO2 footprint along with maximum utilization of the harvested trees as well as CO2 in photosynthesis to produce oxygen makes wood pellets a perfect heating fuel. Thanks to PREMIUM PELLETS there is a stable source of renewable heating fuel which does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. The non-polluting fuel in a form of wood pellets is recognized and supported by the EU through all types of programs and subsidies to purchase stoves designed for this type of heating.