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Wood pellets stove

Wood pellet stoves


  • The beauty of natural flames in the living space (substitutes a classical fire place)
  • All kinds of designs, from modern, luxury or rural suitable for cottages as well as an optional ancient design
  • Easy effort - free heating, feeding with pellets is safe for children, unlike the fire place there is an automated ash disposal and the components don’t get charred
  • Minor amount of ash, wood pellets provide clean- burning = ash bin can be emptied once a week
  • Fully automated operation including ignition and switch-off system with a possibility of adaptation to a sealed system or to a new water heating system in the house.
  • Solar heating with its accessories can also be integrated into a hydronic system with an exchanger and can be used during the summer as an alternative source.
  • There are no visible exhausts or fumes from the burning process which you normally see above the chimneys. Quality wood pellets provide an Earth-friendly clean burning and the combustion process is emission free.

Pellet stove is simple and easily operated stove. Its added value is not only economical earth-friendly combustion but also the beauty of the natural flames in your living space. With the wood pellet stove you get cost effective heating of your home with an optional use of ventilator and other accessories to enjoy a sophisticated heating system.

pellet stove pellet stoves

Today’s pellet stoves incorporate a heat exchanger so that they can be connected to central heating, radiator system and other technologies in a house. You get a combination of both an elegant blaze of flames and heating as well as radiator heating control in the other rooms of your house.

Pellet stoves are also used to heat individual rooms, smaller flats or low energy houses. A pellet stove has a heat output of 6kW to 20 kW and it can be regulated manually or automatically through a thermostat or mobile applications.

Another possibility is to combine a pellet stove with solar water heating.

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Suitable fuel:

Most pellets stoves are naturally designed for wood pellets that should comply with the norms, i.e. certified pellets according to the norm ENplus, category A1.

pellet fireplaces pellet fireplace