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About us

The company PREMIUM PELLETS s.r.o. runs its production and sales of quality wood pellets for ecological heating. Our pellets are produced from certified pure raw wood sawdust free of any impurities or glue additives. Our wood pellets PREMIUM PELLETS contain pure and specially compressed sawdust from barked spruce.

The pellets are produced in a traditional way on a modern automatic production line at our production facility located in the town Golčův Jeníkov in the region Havlíčkův Brod since 2007. Thanks to our big production capacity and the fact that the products are carefully produced under the strict standards, we can offer top quality products and services as well as favorable purchasing price to our customers. We don’t add any trade margin to our products unlike distributors. The wood pellets are packed at the weight of 15 kg and procured with miscellaneous labels matching the customers’ requirements.

výroba pelet

The top quality is certified:

100% spruce without impurities
100% spruce without impurities
Ecological heating fuel
100% earth-friendly fuel
Combustion temperature
Extra high calorific value
Economical heating fuel
Combustion waste max. 0,3%
Heating without emissions e
Minimal CO2 footprint
Czech product
Purely Czech product