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First Czech wood pellet stove in the program Green light to the savings


kamna na pelety

The stove ranks in C category of the subsidies, specifically group C.1 and C.2, i.e. the exchange of heat sources. Maximum possible subsidy in this category is set at 50% out of proven acquisition costs (max. 50 000 CZK within the sub-category C.1.4, i.e. max. 40 000 CZK in sub-category C.2.4). The stove is listed in the SVT technology products and registered under the code SVT22441.

„We believe that thanks to the benefit of the subsidy the acquisition cost is greatly reduced and turns this novelty into an affordable, economical and attractive solution for the end customer” as it is supported by the representatives of HAAS+SOHN Rukov.


peletová kamnakrbová kamna na pelety



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